John Weathington, President & CEO of Excellent Management Systems, Inc.
  • John Weathington
    John Weathington

    Top companies seek out John's expert insights, including: Visa, Paypal, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sun Microsystems, HDS, Silicon Graphics, MCI, and CBS Interactive.

  • Big Data Analytics
    Big Data Analytics

    "We appreciate your ability to quickly model the client’s landscape, and provide insightful data investigation, discovery, and statistical analysis." --Michael F. Mason, Partner, Hogan and Hartson

  • Customer Loyalty
    Customer Loyalty

    John helped Visa evolve its cardmember loyalty platform to enhance credit market adoption and attract large financial institutions to its loyalty offerings.

  • Behavioral Science
    Behavioral Science

    "I find it fantastic how I can just throw you into almost anything and you use your knowledge of process and technical organizations to do the job well." --Jennifer Selby Long, Owner, Selby Group

  • Relationship Strategy
    Relationship Strategy

    "John has been a pleasure to work with on the board and in the Executive Committee. The more I’ve gotten to know John, the more I appreciate his skills." --Brett LaDove, Past President, Institute of Management Consultants

Toni Bowers

Managing Editor

CBS Interactive, TechRepublic

John's knowledge of high-level IT processes helps IT leaders better understand what's involved in choosing the best solutions for their companies to gain competitive advantage.

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Pallav Basu

Vice President

BlackRock (Barclay's)

My experience with John shows him to be a top notch Project Manager and Business Analyst who truly believes in the success of the project and customer satisfaction. I could never say enough good things about John's work and his work ethic.

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Brett LaDove

Past President

Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)

I first got to know John when he was conducting a financial audit on the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC), NorCal chapter. John’s work was thorough and insightful, and the committee’s recommendations were enthusiastically embraced by the board of directors. John was subsequently invited to join the board—first as Secretary then as Treasurer.

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Jennifer Selby Long


Selby Group

Just a quick note of appreciation for your contribution to the [Sr. Director's] executive coaching project. I find it fantastic how I can just throw you into almost anything and you use your knowledge of process and technical organizations to do the job well.

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Scot Petersen

Editorial Director

Tech Target

I want to thank you for your continuing contributions to Your articles on compliance management have helped the site grow significantly in its first year.

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Cheryl Odeen

Advisory Business Analyst

Sun Microsystems

After working with John Weathington for the last nine months, I have nothing but praise for his abilities, his expertise, his professional manner and his dedication to our project. We all learned from him and wanted to take him with us to other projects. His data warehousing and project management skills are unparalleled; I recommend him without hesitation.

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