John Weathington, President & CEO of Excellent Management Systems, Inc.
  • Behavioral Science
    Behavioral Science

    "I find it fantastic how I can just throw you into almost anything and you use your knowledge of process and technical organizations to do the job well." --Jennifer Selby Long, Owner, Selby Group

  • Customer Loyalty
    Customer Loyalty

    John helped Visa evolve its cardmember loyalty platform to enhance credit market adoption and attract large financial institutions to its loyalty offerings.

  • Relationship Strategy
    Relationship Strategy

    "John has been a pleasure to work with on the board and in the Executive Committee. The more I’ve gotten to know John, the more I appreciate his skills." --Brett LaDove, Past President, Institute of Management Consultants

  • Big Data Analytics
    Big Data Analytics

    "We appreciate your ability to quickly model the client’s landscape, and provide insightful data investigation, discovery, and statistical analysis." --Michael F. Mason, Partner, Hogan and Hartson

  • John Weathington
    John Weathington

    Top companies seek out John's expert insights, including: Visa, Paypal, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sun Microsystems, HDS, Silicon Graphics, MCI, and CBS Interactive.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

  • Bring your strategy to life with clear priorities and robust long-range planning covering risk, governance, and stakeholder consensus.
  • Understand how your culture helps or hurts your strategy with a cultural assessment and tactical action plan to leverage diversity.
  • Get crystal clear on your mission, values, and philosophy. Understand your driving force, and the key capabilities needed for your future organization.

Thoughts on Strategy

Strategy - The Leader's Prime Imperative

There are many things in an organization that a leader can and should relegate, but when it comes to strategy, the buck goes nowhere. It is the leader’s prime imperative to ensure the organization has a sound strategy that will guide the company to its desired future. A good strategy involves a strong vision of where your organization needs to be in the next three to five years, and a clear mission that brings everybody together on the company’s reason for existence.

One thing that’s often missing however, is a clear understanding of the organization’s driving force. Your company’s driving force brings focus to your competitive advantage. It informs all the functional parts of your strategy including your product/market mix and the key capabilities that will need to be built to support your vision. A company with an unclear driving force will typically commit valuable, scarce resources behind products, services, and markets that are antithetical to its vision. When this happens, there’s no chance for the organization to grow properly, and they unnecessarily expose themselves to more strategic competition.

most companies spend most of their energy and resources on formulation, then put little thought to implementation. The reality is--implementation is 80% of the results

Just having a strategy isn’t enough. In fact, most companies spend most of their energy and resources on formulation, then put little thought to implementation. The reality is--implementation is 80% of the results, not formulation! The key to strategic implementation is mapping high-altitude strategic goals down to the runway where results happen. There must be clear lineage in where every project and process fits in the overall strategy.

Finally, leaders often overlook their culture when formulating and implementing strategies. This is a huge mistake. Whether you know it or not, your organization has a unique culture that has a lot more force in driving the organization’s direction, than your stated strategy. This is especially relevant when installing or changing the organization’s strategy, as your culture can help or harm your chances of success. A cultural assessment is a quick way to get a read on your internal strengths and weaknesses, and there are specific interventions that can be done to make sure your culture aligns to your strategic direction.

Of course, this is just general advice—but good advice. Contact us today if you’d like to chat more about your organization’s strategy.

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Certified Management Consultant

CMC® (Certified Management Consultant) is the certification mark awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA and represents meeting the highest global standards and ethical canons of the profession. Fewer than 1% of all consultants have achieved this level of excellence.